DID and Toll Free Services

C2C provides local toll-free phone numbers from various countries for direct inward dialing (DID). Calls to these telephone numbers are converted from PSTN to VoIP and are transported to anywhere in the world over C2C's intercontinental private IP backbone.

Your DID Number will be active within 5 minutes. Then your callers can reach you anywhere in the world, at no cost to them. Forward those calls to any of your existing phone lines, whether it's a main office, PBX, or cell phone. Across the street or across the globe, customers can easily connect to your business—and you can boost your sales.

C2C provides its customers with an easy to use solution for receiving international calls anywhere they wish to receive them. Three service options to choose from:

- USA Toll Free number
- International Toll Free number
- Direct Inward Dialing (DIDs) number

Multiple forwarding capabilities:

- SIP enabled IP device
- H323 enabled IP device
- Land line or mobile phone
- Fax

Benefits of C2C DID and Toll Free Numbers

- Get your own DID Number today
- Start Receiving Calls in 5 Minutes
- Large selection of worldwide numbers
- Answer Calls Anywhere
- No Set-up fees
- No minimum usage
- Competitive rates
- Online account management
- Easy payment options
- Cancel Anytime

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UK : 1-202-8034783

US : 44-161-3500715

IND : 91-9897976982

Ghana: 233-266777000


The agents at C2C are focused and motivated call center professionals with expertise in sales and after sales service.

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